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Scenes from Jamaica (2014)

In 2014 my wife and I had the opportunity for a short visit to Jamaica during its steamy, and sometimes stormy, late summer. The island is too large to explore in just a long weekend, and without a car mobility was limited. However, we squeezed a lot into three days, focusing on areas near our hotel. Images here come from the north coast of Jamaica, specifically the area around Ocho Rios, and some of the interior region, including a visit to the famous Blue Mountains. I hope this SceneSet gives you a feel for some of the incredible beauty of one of the gems of the Caribbean.

Autumn Scenes from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (2012)

Caledonia, Essex and Orleans counties in northeastern Vermont are known as the Northeast Kingdom, an affectionate term coined by former governor George Aiken in 1949, referring to the area's natural beauty.
A rugged region of rolling hills, beautiful ponds, pristine forests and hardy people, the Northeast Kingdom is a favorite destination for leaf-peepers. Based on reports from locals that it was the best season for color in years, I set out in early October to see for myself. Despite somewhat uncooperative weather, I was not disappointed, and I don't think you will be either.

Scenes from the Canadian Rockies (2004)

Sprawling across the jagged southern border between Alberta and British Columbia, the Canadian Rockies are a marvel of natural beauty, with jagged peaks, massive glaciers, raging rivers, crystalline blue-green lakes, and plenty of flora and fauna. This "SuperSceneSet" contains over 300 photographs taken during a three-week trip in early July 2004, which focused on the four main national parks in the Canadian Rockies -- Banff, Yoho, Jasper and Kootenay -- along with short visits to the Waterton Lakes and Mount Robson.

Scenes from Glacier National Park (2004)

Twenty-four hours is not enough to do justice to Glacier National Park in Montana, but even in that short time I gained an appreciation for the wonders of this wilderness along the Canadian border. Soaring mountains, rushing waters, flora and fauna compete for your attention in this 35-image set.

Scenes from the National Bison Range (2004)

A brief visit on a warm summer morning to the National Bison Range in Montana showcases this wildlife refuge's star attractions, along with other flora and fauna, and classic Western mountain scenery.

Autumn Scenes from Southern Vermont (2003)

Come with me on a relaxing photographic journey through the southern part of my home state of Vermont in autumn. Dozens of images in vibrant color showcase Vermont's famous fall foliage: blazing mountain vistas, soothing streams, fascinating leaf closeups, impressionistic reflections, and unique images such as moonlit foliage with star trails.

Scenes from a Day at Yosemite (2003)

Join me on a pleasant day trip in late summer to one of the most beautiful places on earth. See the Yosemite Valley and areas nearby, including a number of breathtaking panoramas taken from a variety of idyllic locations.

Scenes from Muir Woods (2003)

A delightful visit to the coastal redwoods of California. Experience the peaceful calm of an early morning stroll amongst these gentle giants, with serene scenes painted in soothing earth tones and the vibrant greens of a coastal forest.

Scenes from Yellowstone (2003)

A visual adventure through the spectacular beauty of Yellowstone National Park. Experience powerful geysers, colorful hot springs, panoramic mountain views, thundering waterfalls, and sprawling, wildlife-filled valleys in this huge (100 photo) SceneSet!

Scenes from Big Sky Country (2003)

My first SceneSet, containing 25 images captured during a day spent near Bozeman, Montana in 2003. Blue sky panoramas, dramatic cloud formations and fiery sunsets show why Montana is called "Big Sky Country".